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Participating Route 66 Weekend in Lincoln Illinois Businesses & Organizations

On June 7th and 8th, Sorrento's Pizzeria of Downtown Lincoln will be celebrating 50 years of serving pizzas to the Lincoln community. Join Sorrento's that weekend for a very special celebration. They are honored to have been able to serve this community since 1969! A ribbon cutting marking Sorrento’s 50th anniversary will be held at 4pm on Friday, June 7th.

Abe’s Carmelcorn Shoppe is in the middle of a year-long celebration of 36 years in business in October of this year. The Rainforth family established the business in 1983, and their son, Lance, spear-headed renovations using local companies to complete the project. Abe's will have Route 66 Specials during the big weekend.

On Sunday night, June 9th, come check out some tunes and amazing brews during Spirited Republic and Limerick Brewing Company's BBQ, Brews and Tunes from 1-4pm, featuring the acoustic music of Kyle Olsen.

Be sure to also take in Lincoln’s many Abraham Lincoln attractions, which will be open for their regular hours during the
weekend, including Postville Courthouse, Lincoln Heritage Museum, Lincoln Christening Scene and the Historic
Downtown Walking Tour.

There are in fact many participants in Route 66 Weekend in Lincoln, Illinois. Many businesses will be offering Route 66
Discounts while others are participating in the Route 66 Garage Sales and others have made donations for the Mill

Participating Historic Downtown Businesses and Organizations:
Logan County Tourism Bureau
Logan County Genealogical & Historical Society
Lincoln Printers
Abe’s Carmelcorn Shoppe
Sir Renna Tea
Flossie & Delzena’s
Copper Penny
Guest House
Debbie’s Downtown Floral
Make it Sew
Alley Bi Saloon
Mama’s Cafe
Small Town Creations
Sorrento’s Pizzeria
Mary Todd’s Hallmark
Spirited Republic
Lincoln Family Theater
Neal Tire

Additional Participating Lincoln Businesses and Organizations:
The Mill Museum on 66 (Route 66 Heritage Foundation of Logan County)
VFW Post 1756
Humane Society of Logan County
American Legion Post 263 (Banquet hosts)
Lincoln College (Banquet meal and servers)
Postville Courthouse
Lincoln Heritage Museum

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