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Now Taking Orders! The Mill Museum on 66 90th Anniversary T-Shirt & Women's V-Neck Shirt

Mill 90th Shirt

UPDATE: IT IS HERE! The final design for the Mill 90th Anniversary T-Shirt! Our great Route 66 friend, Marie Fiedler has outdone herself on the production of this design. It is just amazing. And such a cool anniversary for The Mill, which started out as a sandwich stand on Route 66 in 1929, transformed itself into Lincoln IL's wildest bar and restaurant, and now has returned as a unique museum and library! Thank you so much Marie, and folks, I suggest ordering this limited edition t-shirt or women's v-neck right away! 2 ways to order: email us at and reserve shirts for pickup or order online via PayPal and we will ship to you.

Our hero along Route 66, Marie Fiedler, has produced another beautiful Route 66 T-shirt Design, as she has done for so many businesses and attractions along the Mother Road! We are now taking orders for this beautiful limited edition shirt. Important to note is that the majority of the price of the shirt is to be used to help fund the operating expenses such as utilities and insurance for The Mill Museum on 66. The Foundation that owns and operates The Mill Museum is a 501c3 non-profit and is operated by an all volunteer group of excellent people. We want to thank Marie and all the people who have helped The Mill return to life. -Geoff Ladd

HOW MUCH IS THIS SHIRT? The shirt is $25 and is available in Men's sizes Medium to 4X. The Women's V-neck short sleeve is $25 and is available in Women's sizes Medium to 3X. Color of the shirt is Black.


Option 1 - contact us at You can reserve a shirt and give us your size by email and then purchase it in person in Lincoln, IL during The 1st Annual Route 66 Weekend in Lincoln Illinois. It may also be possible to order a custom size via the email method. Please also contact us by email for an international order before using PayPal.

Option 2 - purchase this shirt online using the PayPal buttons below and we will ship this to you for an additional $5 ($30 total). Limit of 5 shirts per online order. Note that international shipping rate is higher - please contact us in advance for an international order.

The Mill 90th Anniversary T-Shirt is $25 and is available in Men's sizes Medium to 4X.

Men's Sizes

The Women's V-neck short sleeve is $25 and is available in Women's sizes Medium to 3X.
Women's Sizes

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